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Packaging & Labeling

As we have a wide range of products, so we have created a specialized process for packaging & labeling department to get the best from our packaging for our customers. Our dedicated team is constantly working to keep a check on all primary factors of packaging & labeling.


We always keep check on these key factors of each & every shipment during our export cycle of any product:

  • Physical Protection of Product

    Our Packaging ensures protection against any shock, vibration, temperature, moisture, and dust.

  • Convenience

    To make our Shipment Packages have convenience while handling during loading & unloading, distribution, display, sale, opening & use.

  • Agglomeration

    Our packaging has an emphasis on the agglomeration of small objects into one package for the reason of efficiency and cost factor.

  • Security

    We always make our packaging as secure as possible to reduce the security risks of shipment.


In tandem with our packaging process, our labeling process is also a key part of our Export services. Hence it is done with extra care. Labeling on our shipment packages is prepared and processed while keeping international standards in mind, which includes signs & symbols.

Packaging Services

Shipping & Logistics

We offer our Export services worldwide with our strong Shipping services, which are available in both possible options: Sea & Air. We have tie-ups with all the big names of logistic companies in our network as our service providers. The mode of shipment is a key aspect which we always decide based on the requirements from our customers or the best possible option as per the orders.

Shipping by Sea:


FCL (full container load): We use this mode of shipment in case of a bulk or large consignment to a single location or address.


LCL (less than container load): We use this mode of shipment in case of a shared or consolidated container, which is the case mostly when the size of the order is small.

Shipping by Air:

We use this mode of shipment only in case of a small quantity of high-value item shipments or if our customer needs the shipment on a high priority basis. Commonly Air shipment is used to deliver the cargo in the minimum possible time.

Shipping & Logistics