TRUV – UV CARE | Portable Sanitizer Disinfection Bag | Lab Tested UV Sanitizer Box (Large)


UV Disinfection Box with 15″ x 12″ x 12″ large size to sanitize Masks, Groceries, Gloves, Cash, Phone, Shoes, Glasses, Electronics, Work Items, Handbags 

Sterilizes in mins

UV Portable Sanitizer Disinfection Bag/Box. Which can be used to sterilize Masks, Phone, Cash, Gloves, Groceries, Bottles, Shoes, Newspaper, Fruits & Vegetables, packed foods. Bacteria & Viruses killed & items sanitized within minutes.

  • UV-C TECHNOLOGY: UVCare Pro uses powerful 253.7nm UV-C light and is proven to sterilize and disinfect surfaces within 10 minutes
  • LARGEST SIZE: The dimensions of the sterilization box are 15″(l) x 12″(w) x 12″ (h) allowing for disinfection of multiple objects like Masks, Phones, Gloves, Groceries, Milk Packets, Bottles, Baby Clothes, Lady’s Purses, Toys and much more at the same time with ease
  • WARRANTY & REFLECTIVE INNER LAYER: The bag utilizes TRU-Lining to ensure maximum reflection inside the bag and zero UV leakage to the outside. 6 Months manufacturer warranty on the product.
  • LEAKAGE TESTED WITH PEEPHOLE: The disinfection box includes a peephole made from thick UV blocking material to allow safe viewing while in operation. The bag is tested for zero radiation hazard by a govt. accredited, ISO 9001-2015 certified lab and has been awarded a Certificate of European Conformity (CE) by GAAFS.US accredited QVA certification, Maryland, Washington
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The box is extremely lightweight and can be set up anywhere in seconds. It is easy to carry and foldable making it easy to store & carry


UV exposure to humans is harmful.

  • Please switch on the lamp only after the bag has been fully closed using the zippers provided.
  • Do not expose any human or animal to the UV light when the lamp is switched on, under any circumstances.
  • Don’t use UV Sterilization on chemically active substances like medicines or chemical composition based products in the bag to avoid any unwanted reaction within them.
  • UV rays may cause color change or discoloration of Banana peel if exposed for more than 5 mins.
  • Do not use the product in case of damage, tear, or wear
  • While using, try to maintain a distance of 2 meters for added protection. Keep away from children.
  • By using this product you agree to the Terms and Conditions as listed on the website.



  • Always plug-in after ensuring the lid is zipped closed.
  • Always disconnect from the power supply before opening the bag after disinfection. Never expose your eyes or skin to UV light. Don’t use for living items; keep away from children. Do not use on pets.


Care Instructions

  • Wipe/clean bag with a clean dry cloth.
  • Do not wash.
  • Do not bring electrical in contact with water or moisture.


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